Tristan Pollner

I am a fourth-year Ph.D. student at Stanford University, fortunate to be advised by Amin Saberi.  My research concerns the design and analysis of algorithms under uncertainty. I am particularly interested in the approximability of optimal policies in online stochastic enviroments. 


Approximating Optimum Online for Capacitated Resource Allocation (EC 2024)

Alexander Braun, Thomas Kesselheim, Tristan Pollner, Amin Saberi

Improved online contention resolution for matchings and applications to the gig economy (EC 2022, Math of OR)

Tristan Pollner, Mohammad Roghani, Amin Saberi, David Wajc

Optimal item pricing in online combinatorial auctions (IPCO 2022)

José Correa, Andrés Cristi, Andrés Fielbaum, Tristan Pollner, S. Matthew Weinberg

Online stochastic max-weight bipartite matching: Beyond prophet inequalities (EC 2021, Math of OR)

Christos Papadimitriou, Tristan Pollner, Amin Saberi, David Wajc

Decentralized Matching in a Probabilistic Environment (EC 2021)

Mobin Y Jeloudar, Irene Lo, Tristan Pollner, Amin Saberi

New query lower bounds for submodular function minimization (ITCS 2020)

Andrei Graur, Vidhya Ramaswamy, Tristan Pollner, S. Matthew Weinberg


MS&E 232: Introduction to Game Theory

MS&E 319: Matching Theory

MS&E 212: Mathematical Programming and Combinatorial Optimization